Your Safety Deserves Experience

The people of Elbert County are some of the best in the country, and Kevin Currier believes your safety deserves someone with the years of experience he has to protect your liberties and keep you and your family safe. But don’t just take it from us – check out what Kevin’s past colleagues have to say about his work ethic, leadership, and ability to serve.

Michael T. McIntosh


As the Sheriff of a highly populated county in Colorado, I needed a commander in our detective unit that could lead and motivate people. Additionally, I needed someone with a proven knowledge of the law. When Kevin Currier was selected as that commander, I knew he would do the job well and he did not disappoint! He is a thoughtful and thorough person whose knowledge and experience helped our detective division to become one of the best in the nation. 

As a proven and trustworthy leader, Kevin has knowledge and expertise gained from his extensive experience, rising through the ranks of law enforcement. His steadfast reliability and concern for both the rule of law and for the people he serves is unquestioned. Truth and honesty are of paramount importance to him.

Kevin Currier possesses the traits of a solid leader and I proudly endorse his candidacy for Sheriff of Elbert County.  

Tim McCormack


Having spent the last 30 years as a career prosecutor who has worked with countless members of Law Enforcement, I can think of few people more qualified to serve as the next Sheriff of Elbert County than Kevin Currier. I found Kevin to be thoughtful and wise in his decision making and perhaps more importantly, a tempered and humbled public servant whose commitment to leadership, rule of law and public safety was highly evident.

I have had the privilege of knowing Kevin for over 20 years and have witnessed his remarkable accomplishments while rising through the ranks of law enforcement.
The responsibility and wisdom that come with rising through the ranks is incredibly beneficial and is indicative of Kevin’s extensive experience and leadership in all operations of a Sheriff’s Office that Kevin possesses. Kevin has the essential skills to get people together to get things done. Kevin’s vast experience will serve him well in his endeavor to be the next Elbert County Sheriff.

I have worked closely with Kevin on numerous occasions. His “can do” attitude and willingness to collaborate closely with other agencies will greatly enhance the safety of the citizens of Elbert County. I can attest to the respect Kevin has for and from the men and women of Law Enforcement and with various Sheriff’s Offices within the State of Colorado.

As your next Sheriff of Elbert County, Kevin Currier would not only continue the great work done each day by the men and women of the Elbert County Sheriff’s Office, but also pursue innovative and economical approaches to address the many complex public safety challenges facing communities today.

I endorse Kevin Currier.  I would ask you to support Kevin in his future endeavors to become the next Sheriff of Elbert County.  A vote for Kevin Currier is a vote for good government, strong leadership, the rule of law and a safe community.

Timothy J. Coates


I have known Kevin for twenty-five years and have been his direct supervisor several times throughout his career. Most recently, from January of 2015 to January of 2019, I was the chief of the detective division at the Adams County Sheriff’s Office. Kevin was one of two commanders in the division.

Kevin supervised the detectives and was ultimately responsible for the outcome of over 6500 cases assigned to the division each year. He was also a coordinator of the Adams County Critical Incident Team, which is a team of selected detectives from various agencies in Adams County to investigate officer involved shootings. In this role, Kevin created exceptional relationships with various entities that included the District Attorney’s Office, the Coroner’s Office, Social Services, and law enforcement agencies throughout the state. He is confident in his abilities, and highly knowledgeable in all aspects of law enforcement and the management of complicated investigations. Kevin’s unique commitment to his responsibilities separated him from that of other supervisors. His position required him to be on-call twenty-four hours a day, and he was responsible for communication of critical incidents with command staff. Kevin’s role included all aspects of management from creating policy and procedures to running the day-to-day operations of the detective division. His ability to mentor and train future leaders was evident by the number of his employees that were promoted and advancing through their careers under his tutelage.

In closing, I have the highest regard for Kevin’s commitment, honor, and integrity both in his professional and personal life. Kevin will be a great asset to any organization.