Frequently Asked Questions

Why run for sheriff now and why do you want to be the Sheriff?

As was the case across many of the counties in the last election, I saw that vastly under-qualified people were being elected to office. I know that I have the skills and abilities to make a difference, working towards a positive end with the sheriff’s office and the community.

Why does your experience matter?

Experience to me is not just time in a profession. In moving through the ranks, one encounters different challenges that you would not otherwise see. My experience has taught me the critical thinking skills necessary to address budget, personnel, policy and training issues. I have been part of policy groups to weed through unnecessary or outdated policy, drug courts, auto theft task force boards and so on. I also led detectives through one of the toughest times a law enforcement agency can go through, the murder of one of our own.

What are your core beliefs?

I believe in honesty, integrity and family. Throughout my life I strove to be a good person, both professionally and personally. I have worked on passing those values on to my children with the expectation that they will carry those same values forward.

How do you feel you can relate to the citizens of Elbert County while only living here since 2020?

Although I have only lived in Elbert county since 2020, I have been intertwined and enforcing the law in Eastern Colorado for 20 + years. Watkins, Bennett and Strasburg are not vastly different from Elbert County, which is part of the reason for moving here. Time in a place has little to do with protecting constitutionally guaranteed rights and enforcing laws.

What is your vision for the Sheriff’s Office?

My vision is to increase the recruitment and retention of officers for the county. With that comes training and longevity for the citizens. I agree that school safety is a huge priority and have ways to address that concern as well.

Do you support the 2nd amendment?

I whole heartedly do. An amendment so important that our founding fathers guaranteed it for future generations.